We are grateful to receive love and appreciation from our patrons worldwide, over a period of time. From our exhibitions/events in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kochi, Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Vijayawada, Mumbai, to interactions on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, emails, and WhatsApp, and now through our own website, we've been fortunate to connect with our valued patrons across the globe.

TRUSTED TALES : Words from our Patrons about their Chakor experience . . .

  • Dr.Chitra

    Absolutely loved the saree! Every time I wear it, I receive countless compliments. The material and color are fantastic. It was truly a great buy from Chakor. Wore it for a conference at my college, and all eyes were on it!
  • Nivedita

    Chakor is synonymous with elegance, quality and comfort. Interacting with Nikita is a treat. It makes the shopping experience so very memorable
  • Gayathri Reddy

    Wore this for a talk show recently. Adore this smart one.
  • Soumi

    A Chakor Saree.
    Absolutely love the feel and colour.
  • Dr. Ruby Ansari

    Wore this one for a wedding. Looked pretty. Thanks for helping me choose this saree.
  • Jyoti mehta

    Purchased for family wedding. I like colour combination. Thank-you for sending it in time.
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  • Tiku Pithadiya

    I am so impressed by the Patola sari I bought from Chakor. The colours are so vibrant, I simply love wearing my sari & its a prized possession.
    Thank-you Chakor for making me look beautiful.
  • Vandana Mohan

    Absolutely gorgeous saree.
    The fabric, the design, the colour everything is good about it. Everytime I see pictures, it brings me back sweet memories. Thank you so much.
  • Dr. Afshan Jafri

    Thanks a lot for the lovely saree !
  • Dr. Ruby Ansari

    Very elegant style of saree.
    The material is very comfortable and colour is something different.
    Thank-you for this and keep updating about new collections.
  • Nivedita

    Received the saree.
    Its looking lovely. Many many thanks.
  • Kena Parekh

    I am so pleased! This bandhani dupatta is my absolute favourite.I wore it at a wedding & received so many compliments on the material and colour. I will surely be getting a lot more dupattas and saris from here!
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  • Akhila Sharma

    Good one for regular wear, colours don’t bleed.
  • Devi Gupta

    Very lightweight saree with lovely colour combination.
  • Bela Sarkar

    Very nice rai bandhej in my favourite Chakor silk.
  • Vedavathi

    Adding yet another Chakor silk kurta set to my collection! Just like the last one, everyone loved it. Thank you!
  • Gayathri Reddy

    Simply love your sarees !
  • Ashwina Vora

    Bought this Bandhani fabric from Chakor, and it's just so nice, traditional, and authentic. The color combination is amazing!
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  • Veena

    It's my go-to for any gathering or outing because it's not just stylish, but it's so comfortable. I've worn it countless times and colours have not faded.
  • Priyanka

    Amazed to find this shade of green. The color is unlike any other in a bandhani lover's collection, and the material is surprisingly soft.
  • Pratiksha

    Purchased this as a gift for my Di, and she absolutely cherishes it, especially when wearing it for her school events. Delighted with the choice!
  • Vibhavari

    Was just wearing my much-loved Chakor saree yesterday.
  • Sonia Singh

    Sober colour in bandhej is rare. Cotton quality is good.
  • Priyarani

    Got this budget friendly saree for a friend's wedding gift.
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  • Vinita Kher

    Received the saree. It's really pretty, Can't wait to wear it once the blouse pairing gets ready. So excited!
  • Vedavathi

    Really like the material and softness. Very good for office wear.
  • Anuradha

    Love this authentic Patola saree
  • Fyzal

    Choosing from the variety of bandhani salwar suits was tough, so I ended up buying two as gifts for my wife.
  • Adhiraj

    Tireless guidance at Chakor made my second purchase a breeze. The Bandhani saree was beyond expectations in beauty and quality. Highly recommend for exceptional service and moderate prices.
  • Anita Shetty

    The unique old rose coloured saree material is incredibly soft and of excellent quality. Received numerous compliments when I wore it.
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  • Adhiraj

    Their assistance in choosing a Patola saree for my mother was invaluable. The swift delivery to Kolkata, excellent packaging, and free handcrafted gift exceeded expectations. 5 Stars!
  • Dr. Ruby

    Loved the saree, shades of pink are lovely. Wore it for a wedding and it was nice to receive so many compliments.
  • Harshada Shah

    Wore this Patola saree for a family occasion—it added an extra touch of vibrancy to the celebration. Truly a treasured piece from Chakor.
  • Shyamala

    Simply love the pink color!
  • Anita Shetty

    Absolutely adore the softness of the saree material! The fall is just lovely.
  • Rini

    Such a pretty saree at such a reasonable price! Bought three together, couldn't resist!
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Here's from some of our Facebook patrons . . . 

@Anisha Pucadyil  mentioned Chakor

11 Jun 2021

Chakor Works closely with the artisans and supports the weavers who painstakingly put in many hours of work.. on fabric that is softer with every wear, cool in the summer, and love to the body.
The pandemic has been very difficult for the sale of sarees and fabrics with the lockdown deleting the opportunity for the customers and artists to interact. Chakor has put together a website https://thechakorshop.com/collections/
This particular style of Bandhani motif, has gone through more than three processes of dying, drying, tying, knotting, and unknotting to discover its unique design...


@Sonali Behera  recommends Chakor

30 Jan 2021

awesome fabric..loved it 👌 



@Chukka Vishwavaram  recommends Chakor

26 June 2018

I believe that traditional art forms, especially textile art are very beautiful and add grace to the person wearing them. Chakor just does that.


@Adhiraj Chaki  recommends Chakor

9 Aug 2017
This is my 2nd Review for Brand Chakor and especially for guidance of Nikita. Anytime you ping Nikita about any saree query, she replied tirelessly. In fact she becomes your personal guide in choosing a saree. The Bandhani, I bought is beautiful. In fact more beautiful than the pics. The price of all her collection is moderate, with high end fabric. Highly Recommendable.



@Raj Gandhi  recommends Chakor

9 July 2017

I would highly recommend Chakor. I attended their exhibition in Mumbai and was very impressed with their collection.
Even though I was not out to buy anything, I ended up purchasing a very beautiful Bandhani saree for my wife. I am someone who believes in quality irrespective of the price, Chakor is exactly that.


@Adhiraj Chaki  recommends Chakor

8 July 2017

I am very new in buying saree online. And as male, I, really feel awkward going into a saree shop and asking for sarees to buy. But, you know there are occasions, where I need to buy saree for my mother or for my wife. And online saree buying is a blessing for us!! Now the question arrived from where to buy saree online? I came across “Chakor” in Facebook and seek help from Nikita, who was very helpful in showing saree, which were pretty, sober and quite reasonably priced. I bought a “Patola” Saree for my mother in Golden Yellow and Mahogany Red. The packet arrived from Ahmedabad to Kolkata within 3 Days. The Packing was Really Good. My Mother, who is a saree person, by herself, really loved the saree and the silk quality. So, now I can rely on the site and am looking forward in Buying a Bandhani for my wife. I must mention Nikita’s helpful nature, in order to choose, good quality of the silk and the great service.
Did I forget to mention the free Hand Crafted Gift? We Highly Recommend “Chakor"!