About Us


Vision and Purpose

   Celebrating India's rich textile heritage, we strive to provide exquisite handmade sarees, dupattas, and fabrics crafted using traditional Indian techniques. Our mission is to support the artisan and weaver communities, fostering growth and sustainability. Through our sustainable, eco-friendly products, we aim to contribute to the livelihoods of these communities and promote their upliftment. We believe that by working together, we can create positive change and ensure the continuation of India's rich textile traditions for generations to come.

What We Aim For

   Our effort is building a bridge between the craft based rural producers - weavers and artisans, and modern and urban market, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India's traditional handicrafts in the process.

   At Chakor we integrate authentic craft techniques with contemporary sensibilities, offering aesthetic and affordable products that appeal to today's independent women. We strive to provide products that resonate with their Eco-conscious values. Our creations are purely natural, craft-based and traditional with a modern twist, interpreting our rich heritage and culture while safeguarding the environment.

   We endeavour to provide a seamless shopping experience, evoking a sense of confidence in the discerning elegance of our meticulously crafted creations.

Core Values

   Chakor is driven by a commitment to preserving India's textile craft traditions while promoting sustainability. Our values revolve around authenticity, quality, and environmental consciousness, ensuring every product tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship.

Journey So Far

   Established in 2016, Chakor embarked on its journey as an experiment, seeking to unveil the intricacies of diverse Indian textile craft traditions and illuminate their inherent value. Through exclusive solo events held across South India, we ignited a sense of curiosity among our discerning clientele, fostering a deep appreciation for the preciousness of these time-honored techniques.

    However, the limitations of physical events constrained our reach, prompting us to explore alternative avenues. Consequently, we forged partnerships with esteemed artisanal and craft-based online platforms such as www.jaypore.com, www.parisera.com, and www.avishya.com, where our curated collections garnered significant acclaim and support.

   The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 compelled us to adapt swiftly to the changing landscape. In response, we launched our own online storefront, www.thechakorshop.com, offering a comprehensive array of authentic handcrafted sarees, blouses, dupattas, kurta sets, and fabrics in ethnic women's wear. This transition not only ensured the safety and convenience of our patrons but also heralded a new era of accessibility for our artisanal creations. 

   In 2023, amidst the evolving landscape, we seized the opportunity to participate in prestigious Craft Council Events hosted across various cities. Additionally, we recommenced our solo events, further amplifying our presence and engagement with our cherished audience.

   Yet, despite our unwavering dedication and concerted efforts, we grapple with the inherent challenge of translating the allure and craftsmanship of our handmade marvels into the digital realm. While online shopping offers unparalleled convenience, it inevitably lacks the experience of touch & feel that truly embodies the essence of our creations. Nonetheless, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bridging this gap and continue to strive for excellence in showcasing the beauty and charm of our artisanal treasures through evocative imagery and videos.

Our Craftsmanship Network

   In our journey spanning over two decades, we have cultivated profound relationships with skilled weavers and artisans across a multitude of regions in India. From the vibrant landscapes of Kutch, Rajkot, and Surendranagar in Gujarat to the historical tapestries of Chanderi and Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, and the intricate artistry of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur in Rajasthan, and Bengal, our efforts have been dedicated to bringing their stories to life through their remarkable weaves and crafts. 

   Our collaborations extend to various renowned craft regions, each imbued with its unique techniques and traditions -  

  • Kutch, Gujarat: Renowned for Bandhani (Tie & Dye) and Ajrakh (Hand Block Print), along with the weaves from Bhujodi.
  • Rajkot, Gujarat: Known for the intricate art of Patola Ikat.
  • Jamnagar, Gujarat: Celebrated for its Bandhani (Tie & Dye) tradition.
  • Patan, Gujarat: Home to the exquisite Mashru fabric.
  • Champa, Chhattisgarh: Famous for its Tussar silk.
  • Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh: Revered for its Cotton Silk Chanderi.
  • Mangalgiri, Andhra Pradesh: Noteworthy for the production of Cotton Mangalgiri fabric.
  • Murshidabad, West Bengal: Specialising in Khadi - hand-spun & hand-woven textiles, exemplifying the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the region.

   In each of these regions, we collaborate closely with artisans, weaving their traditional hand-based techniques into premium-quality products infused with contemporary sensibilities, catering to the discerning tastes of a modern audience.


   Our Sustainability comes from providing authentic handmade sarees, dupattas, and fabrics through our physical events & online platform. By working directly with weavers and artisans, we ensure fair compensation while delivering quality products to our discerning clientele.


   Chakor offers a wide range of handmade sarees, dupattas, and fabrics crafted using traditional Indian textile techniques in pure and natural fabrics from cottons to silks. Our Exclusive Collections - Mesmerising Bandhani, Precious Ikat-Patola, Elegant Tussar, Charming Chanderi, Alluring Ajrakh, Beloved Bhujodi, are a testament to our commitment to heritage and sustainability.

Stewards of Sustainability: Minds Behind Chakor

   As the co-founders of Chakor, Nikita Mehta and Rizwan Ahmed, both NIFT Alumni, epitomise a profound dedication to preserving India's rich textile heritage while championing the cause of sustainable fashion. Our passion for handloom extends beyond mere accessibility; it is a fervent desire to catalyze change and foster a deeper appreciation for the meticulous craftsmanship of our artisans and weavers.

   Driven by this vision, our commitment to craftsmanship, tradition, and empowerment is unwavering. Through Chakor, we endeavour to cultivate a community that not only values superior quality products but also recognises and celebrates the invaluable contributions of the artisans and weavers who bring them to life.